Sri Lanka’s top 3 Courses

What makes Sri Lanka a unique and fascinating golfing destination?

"Sri Lanka is a small but stunningly beautiful island with a warm and friendly multicultural population renowned for their hospitality and warm smiles. However it’s most key feature is its ability to offer a range of habitats and climates from warm sunny beaches for relaxation, jungles and rainforests teeming with wildlife, to the cooler climate of its central hill country."

  • Temple Of The Toot - Kandy


    Due to Sri Lanka’s rich colonial influence, golf has a vibrant history in the country with several heritage golf courses playing host to a growing golfing community. Much newer and modern golf courses have recently been built as well, increasing our capacity to cater to a larger number of golfers each year.

  • Scenic Beaches

    Sri Lanka’s beaches are world famous for their warm waters, plentiful marine life and colourful beach culture. With its two annual seasons alternating from the south to the east coast, Sri Lanka has year-round access to world class beaches and a memorable holiday experience.

  • Tea, Spices & Gems

    Sri Lanka produces the world’s best tea – brewed and enjoyed the world over as a premium product. In addition, from times of old, Sri Lanka’s spices and gems have been sought-after as being of the highest quality and purity, and even today these same processes are followed in the traditional spice gardens and gem mines that export internationally.

  • Land and marine life

    Sri Lanka is home to an exciting array of wildlife and marine life; with elephants, leopards, sloth bears and mugger crocodiles inhabiting its numerous wildlife parks, and the world’s largest pod of resident blue whales recently discovered off its southern tip astonishing the world’s leading marine biologists.

  • Ayurveda healing

    Sri Lanka’s indigenous system of healing – Ayurveda is based on 300 years of ancient knowledge handed down over generations. Using a more holistic approach to medicine, Ayurveda practitioners use natural herbs and oils to heal any malady at their root causes.

  • Buddhist culture

    Sri Lanka has a Buddhist culture that is over 2000 years old with ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries all around the country – some exhibiting relics of the Lord Buddha himself. The country’s cultural triangle lets visitors have first-hand experience of the beauty and majesty of its heritage.

  • Temple of the Tooth

    'Dalada Maligawa', situated in Kandy is the resting place of the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha. Kandy is recognized as the most sacred city in Sri Lanka. Thousands upon thousands of devotees flock to the temple to venerate the tooth relic. It has now become one of the greatest tourist attractions of the island.